What do Youth have to say About Camp fYrefly?

Pre-Camp Youth Responses

On their applications, Campers and Youth Leaders are asked to explain why they would like to attend Camp fYrefly and here are some of their responses:

"As a recent Bachelor of Education graduate, I feel that there are not enough school supports for youth who are exploring/discovering their sexual orientation and gender identity. In my opinion I think it is vital that these supports exist in schools - and I would like to be that support." - Youth Leader, 2011

"I've lost two jobs because of being transsexual. What excites me about Camp fYrefly is the prospect of knowing that we don't have to hide and don't have to be alone." - Camper, 2009

"I hope to take away the knowledge that I have helped someone. Even if it's just one person, I want to know that I have made a positive change in someone's life. Last year many people made a difference in mine and I think that this year it's my time to be a person people can look to. I also want to take away the warm feeling of love and acceptance that has kept me going throughout this year. I need a new dose of fYrefly!" - Camper, 2011

Post-Camp Youth Responses

After Camp, Youth Leaders and Campers are asked to provide feedback on their experiences, and here are a selection of their responses:

"My favourite part of Camp was seeing the safe space that was created and witnessing people work with their issues and emotions because of that safe space. The healing of all who attended was amazing." Youth Leader, 2009

"Camp reinforces my self-confidence and peer support network. Coming to Camp reminds me that I am loved by many people, and even thought I don't see these people everyday, their lovs makes a difference in my life." - Camper, 2010

"The main thing I learned at Camp was that there are amazing, courageous people doing incredible work. It was the first time I was able to discuss my 'partner' with complete strangers without feeling uncomfortable." Camper, 2011



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