Applying to Attend Camp fYrefly as a Youth Leader

As a leader in your community, thank you for applying to attend Camp fYrefly as a Youth Leader! The dates for the upcoming Camps are listed to the right. Applications will open March 11, 2016, and are due May 1, 2016.

To apply, as a Youth Leader, you MUST be 18 years or older prior to the beginning of Camp. Second, it is preferred, although not required, that you have attended a previous Camp fYrefly. Youth Leaders serve a special role at Camp fYrefly. Effective Youth Leaders enhance the Camp fYrefly experience and help to open up spaces for informal peer-to-peer education, support, and role modeling. With this in mind, your role will involve many important informal mentoring opportunities with youth at Camp. To help you become successful in this youth leadership role, we will provide you with comprehensive pre-camp training opportunities to help build your leadership, facilitation experience, and mentoring skills. THIS PRE-CAMP TRAINING IS MANDATORY.

Training will be:

Calgary: June 18th and 19th; evening of July 6th
Edmonton: July 23rd and 24th; evening of Aug 10th

Applicants selected to be Youth Leaders at Camp fYrefly will receive a detailed registration package containing a pre-Camp checklist and information on travel, meals, accommodation, as well as the REQUIRED health, dietary, legal, media consent, and Criminal Record/Child Welfare Intervention Record Check forms. If chosen as a Youth Leader, instructions will be sent on how to complete this process.

How Much Does Camp fYrefly Cost?

Youth Leaders will have their Camp registration fees waived, and will also receive a $500.00 honorarium in recognition of their important leadership role and personal commitment to mentoring sexual and gender minority and allied youth. Each Youth Leader will receive the honorarium after Camp is over, once required tasks and follow-up activities have been completed to the satisfaction of the Camp Coordinator/Directors.

How do I apply to be a Youth Leader?

Before clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to apply, please read the following information.

On the application form, you will be asked to provide your medical information, emergency contacts, and t-shirt size. Please have this information ready before beginning your application.

In your application, you will be asked the following questions. Please complete these questions in advance, and copy and paste them into the application form:

1. Why do you want to volunteer at Camp fYrefly? How would this role help you to reach your personal and/or professional life goals?

2. What strengths and abilities will you bring to working with diverse sexual and gender minority and allied youth?

3. Please list any life experience/work experience that applies to this role (consider certifications, training, youth leadership, artistic experience, travel, involvement with groups, etc.).

4. What challenges and/or learning needs might you have in terms of working with fYrefly youth?

5. Describe two or three qualities, characteristics and/or practices, which are important when working with youth at Camp fYrefly.

In your application, DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser or the form will clear and your information will be lost. If you need to go to the previously page, use the “back” button on the form itself.

Youth Leader Application

If you have your information ready to go click here to access the form:

Camp fYrefly CalgaryCamp fYrefly Edmonton

Applications are due: April 24, 2016

* When completing your application, DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser or the form will clear and your information lost. If you need to go to the previously page, use the “back” button on the form itself.



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