Workshops at Camp fYrefly

Dynamic, interactive workshops are the centrepiece of Camp fYrefly programming. Pertinent, youth-informed, fun, and well-organized workshops provide Campers with opportunities to focus on self-development, the intricacies of socialization, building resiliency, and developing a personal toolbox of life and leadership skills. Throughout this process, youth experience intergenerational mentorship opportunities and learn about historical and contemporary aspects of life for sexual and gender minority people, especially in Canada. Since youth provide the heartbeat for these workshops, Campers have many opportunities to be engaged and interactive as they learn holistically in innovative and fun ways.

In developing each year's Camp fYrefly program, it is important to us to provide a wide range of workshops that are pedagogically sound, evidence-informed, and culturally appropriate. Each year interested community organizations and presenters are invited to submit workshop proposals to share their expertise, which relates to our five guiding themes. In the past, we have provided a balance between physical activity, health and wellness, arts-based, sexuality and gender focused workshops, and workshops with a specific focus on building leadership. We strive to maximize the number of workshops included in the Camp program as we develop the overall schedule of events. Having youth learn from multiple perspectives and diverse experiences as they actively engage in workshops is at the heart of all Camp programming.

A sampling of the workshops presented at a previous Camp fYrefly is available here.

Presenting a Workshop at Camp fYrefly

If you are interested in presenting a workshop at Camp or have questions about our Camp program, please email the Camp Coordinator in Edmonton or Calgary. As the date of Camp approaches, check the Applications page for your opportunity to join the adult mentorship team at next summer's Camp fYrefly.



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