Resources for fYreflies

Camp fYrefly takes place each summer and for four days, sexual and gender minority youth are immersed in an inclusive, affirming, and life-changing environment. As a result of attending Camp fYrefly, participants continually build their “resiliency toolbox” by expanding their social and support networks, learning new leadership skills, and by coming into contact with trusted adults and mentors. It is our objective to ensure that each youth leaves Camp with critical supports and resources to take with them when they return home to their local communities.

The Other 361 Days

For many youth, the four days at Camp fYrefly provide an oasis from an often hostile and non-accepting world. The last session we provide at Camp is called "Camp's over, now what?" This session focuses on the assets and resources that each youth can use to keep their own "inner light shining bright during dark times." At Camp fYrefly we believe that youth deserve support every day, not just when they attend Camp. While Camp fYrefly provides the fuel to power an amazing 4 days, the other 361 days belong to the community. We believe that our youth deserve support everyday, not just when they attend Camp fYrefly. On these pages you find a listing of helpful community-based resources and inclusive supports.



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