Applying to the Kitchen Team at Camp fYrefly

Applying to be on the Kitchen Team at Camp fYrefly

Welcome to the first step in applying to join us at Camp fYrefly! The dates for 2017 Camps are listed to the right. Applications for Edmonton, Calgary and Ontario camps will open March 6 and close May 3. Applications for Saskatchewan camp will be found here.

Camp fYrefly Calgary and Edmonton are hosted at sites that require meal ingredients and kitchen volunteers to be brought in from the community. This is a collaboration between a Head Cook, who plans and supervises the preparation of meals based on dietary restrictions and the numbers of campers and volunteers as well as a dedicated community meal support volunteer team. Each year, we serve around 100 youth and volunteers, three meals a day, over the course of four days. These roles are absolutely vital to the successful operation of camp. Organized and dependable candidates with culinary and service experience are strongly encouraged to apply!

*If you are interested in only helping out over one meal, or a series of meals, please see the Community Meal Support application instead.*

What are the roles on the Kitchen Team at Camp fYrefly?

The Camp fYrefly Kitchen Team will work together to ensure campers and volunteers receive nutritious and delicious food that fits with their dietary needs and restrictions at a busy overnight camp! They will attend at least one meeting together before camp, to get to know each other and discuss their roles at camp. Kitchen Team volunteers will organize shifts with the head cook, so that they have breaks between meals and cooking.

Camp fYrefly Head Cook

The Camp fYrefly Head Cook involves menu planning, accounting for participant’s dietary restrictions and purchasing groceries and supplies before camp begins, in consultation with the Camp fYrefly Coordinator. The Head Cook will work with the Coordinator in the months leading up to camp, to discuss menus, dietary restrictions, kitchen set up and schedule, as well as systems for how food is served. The Camp fYrefly Head Cook will supervise the preparation and service of food at camp, and be a contact person for any questions about dietary needs and/or restrictions. The Head cook will be compensated with a $500.00 honorarium for this role.

Kitchen and Camp Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator will support all of the on-site inventory, cleaning, waste and supply management at camp. The Kitchen and Camp Logistics coordinator will communicate with the Camp Coordinator and Head Cook about any cleaning or food supplies that need to be re-stocked during the four days of camp. They will also coordinate recycling and garbage during camp, restocking cleaning supplies, and help organize clean-up after meals and activities. An honorarium for this role is available.

Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator (Edmonton)

Throughout camp, organizations from the community come in to assist with serving meals. These community groups include churches, businesses, service agencies, and more. The Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator will not only assist the Head Cook in meal prep and service, but also greet and coordinate community meal support volunteers who come to camp over the five days. An honorarium for this role is available.

Kitchen Team Applications:

Camp fYrefly CalgaryCamp fYrefly Edmonton

Applications are due May 3, 2017.



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