Kate Reid


Kate Reid is a critically acclaimed, professional musician-comedienne-activist from Bowen Island, British Columbia. She is a guitar-playing, harmonica-slinging singer-songwriter and bona-fide storyteller. Armed with rapid-fire wit, she is also a feminist lesbian who holds nothing back in her songwriting about her life and her views of the world in which she lives. Unapologetically flying the rainbow flag, her discography includes Comin' Alive (2006), I'm Just Warming Up (2009), and her most recent release, Doing it for the Chicks (2011). Raised on a farm near Ayr, Ontario, Kate settled on the west coast in 2005, quickly winning a loud, proud grassroots audience with a style she describes as "slam-storytelling meets folk-music". This flamed-haired, faux-hawked folkie's strength is delivering alt-culture songs that move audiences to laugh, cry and think: songs that showcase her fast-talking humour, activist spirit, and incisive take on life's bittersweet truths. Sometimes hard-hitting and sometimes hilarious, her lyrics are honest and poignant, brimming with pride and socio-political commentary. Kate is currently working on her fourth recording project entitled The Gayest Album Ever: an album based on interviews she conducted with children, youth, and adult children of LGBTQ parents. This album is set to be released in early 2013.

Prior to becoming a professional musician, Kate earned a BA in Psychology at the University of Guelph, Ontario, and a BEd at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. She has spent many years working with children and youth and she was thrilled to be invited as the Artist-in-Residence for Camp fYrefly 2012.

You can listen to Closet Femme, from Doing it for the Chicks, here.



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