Camp fYrefly Program

Five core themes comprise the framework that guides the development and delivery of the Camp fYrefly Program:

  • Creating a socially just and inclusive community;
  • Building resiliency and youth leadership capacity;
  • Empowering youth to address bullying, harassment, hate crimes, and knowing their rights;
  • Learning through art, music, writing, performing arts, and games;
  • Self and social development.

If you would like to read more about these five themes, a PDF document with further explanation is available here.

What Does Camp Look Like?

Camp spans four days where Camper Participants and Youth Leaders stay on-site in dormitory style rooms with healthy meals provided. A variety of arts-based leadership workshops take place during these four days, along with field trips, a talent showcase, and group/free time. You can take a look at a sample of the Daily Camp Schedule , or examples of Workshops, from our 2011 Camp program.



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