Applying to Attend Camp fYrefly as an Adult Volunteer

As a leader in your community, thank you for applying to attend Camp fYrefly as an Adult Volunteer! The dates for the upcoming Camps are listed to the right. Applications will open March 6, 2016, and are due: May 3, 2017.

What Does it take to be a Successful Adult Volunteer?

To be an adult volunteer at Camp fYrefly you MUST be 25 years or older prior to the beginning of Camp. It is also preferred that you have had previous experience working with youth. Adult Volunteers serve a very special role at Camp fYrefly as intergenerational role models and positive resources for both Youth Leaders and Campers. Effective Adult Volunteers enhance the Camp fYrefly experience and can help to open up spaces for informal peer-to-peer education, individual support, and role modeling. With this in mind, your role will involve many important informal mentoring opportunities with the youth at Camp. To support you in this important role, we will provide you with comprehensive pre-camp training opportunities to help develop your leadership, facilitation, supervision, and mentoring skills. THIS PRE-CAMP TRAINING IS MANDATORY.

Training will be:

Calgary: All Day June 10 and 17th; evening of July 6th
Edmonton: All Day July 15 and 16rd; evening of July 25
Ontario: July 11 and 12th

Also mandatory is completion of Volunteer Waiver/Criminal Record/Child Welfare Intervention Record Check forms. As recognition of your commitment, Adult Volunteers will receive a sliding scale honorarium of $0-$250, depending on need.

What Types of Adult Volunteer Roles Are There?

Adult Volunteers serve a number of unique roles at Camp fYrefly. These roles range from Pod Mentor, Medical Support, Counselling Support and Logistics Coordination. Please contact the Camp fYrefly Coordinator in Edmonton or Calgary if you would like further information regarding the roles for Adult Volunteers at Camp. Most Adult Volunteers will help mentor a group of youth leaders and campers.

How do I apply to be an Adult Volunteer?

On the online application form, you will be asked to provide your medical information, emergency contacts, and t-shirt size. Please have this information ready before beginning your application.

Each year, we receive more applications to be an Adult Volunteer than there are spaces available,You will be asked to answer the following questions in your application. Please complete these questions in advance, and copy and paste your answers into the form: This helps our selection committee make hard choices.

1. Why do you want to volunteer at Camp fYrefly? How would this role fit into specific goals you might have?

2. What strengths and abilities can you bring to working with sexual and gender diverse youth?

3. Please list any life/volunteer/work experience that applies to this role (consider certifications, training, youth engagement, activism, artistic experience, involvement with groups, etc.).

4. Youth Leader mentorship is a crucial aspect of the Adult Volunteer role. What strategies for effective mentorship and empowerment could you use at Camp fYrefly with your Youth Leaders?

5. Describe two or three practices that are important when working with LGBTQ+ youth who have diverse, intersecting identities at Camp fYrefly.

6. At Camp fYrefly we are committed to working towards social justice as a community of campers and volunteers. What does social justice mean to you?

7. If you have attended camp before as a volunteer, please tell us how coming back to camp will help in reaching your learning and growth goals. If not, please skip this question.

Camp fYrefly is committed to diversity and representation within our camper and volunteer teams. We especially welcome applications from queer individuals of colour, two-spirit and/or indigenous people, people with disabilities and trans-feminine people.

Adult Volunteer Application

If you have your information ready to go click here to access the form:

Camp fYrefly CalgaryCamp fYrefly Edmonton  Ontario button

Applications due: May 3, 2017

* When completing your application, DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser or the form will clear and your information lost. If you need to go to the previously page, use the “back” button on the form itself.



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